The Martial ARFS™ For Focus & Self Control (KravMuttGa™)

A dog who is focused on you is one who will listen to you anytime, anyplace. Instead of noticing distractions like other dogs, people, food on the floor or noises, you have their complete attention. When you have your dog's attention, asking them to do anything from sitting and staying to walking calmly, to agility and beyond becomes easy. KravMuttGa is our focus and self-control class, designed to help you change your dog's behavior from the ground up. Through targeted training exercises combined with our signature fitness program, we will help you build your relationship with your dog so that they will want to work for you.


First, we incorporate canine rehabilitative and competitive sports based physical activities. These activities are designed to boost your dog's confidence, keep them calm, and get you working on a specific and challenging task as a team. Second, our self-control and focus exercises will create conditioned behavioral responses in your dog, so that they will want to listen to you in all situations. Instead of staring at other dogs, people, or the closet, they will be looking to you as their guide. We will take your dog from being reactionary to calmly asking youx for direction.  


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