The Martial ARFS™ FAQ's Dog Sports---Exercise---Behavior---The Pool--- Treadmills---General




We teach dog agility, disc dog, obedience, fitness, trick training, focus & self-control, drive building, and scent classes (call for details).


As well we offer socialization and basic manners classes for Puppies & a class for Senior, Arthritic, Hip Dysplastic, Obese or Blind Dogs. Our 4200sqft facility is equipped with an heated saltwater pool, Canine Treadmills, and a vast variety of canine conditioning equipment.


We have 15 different Martial ARFS™ styles (dog training classes),so there is something for all dogs no matter Obedient or "Bad", Puppy or Senior, Great Dane or Chihuahua, Agility Dog or Sofa Surfer, and no prior obedience training is necessary.



Do You Teach Agility?

Yes. Most all our classes utilize the agility equipment. In particular, our JeetKuneFido™ class is both an agility class and specific agility conditioning exercises to provide tremendous fun, rigorous conditioning and an improved relationship between you and your dog.


What is Disc Dog?

Disc Dog (Canine Frisbee) is an exciting aerial dog sport where dogs and their owners compete in events such as distance catching and somewhat choreographed freestyle catching. The sport takes skill in throwing the Frisbee as well as canine athletic ability for jumping twisting, turning & catching the disc. You can read more about our disc dog class (CaPawEra™) here.


I've never heard of Lure Coursing.

Lure coursing is a system of mechanized lures and pulleys that simulate the unpredictability of chasing live prey as your dog pursues an artificial lure zigzagging across an open field or an enclosed room. It's great fun for dog that like to chase, and as with all of our classes we incorporate obedience training into the class so that they'll listen better the next time there is a squirell in the yard. You can watch a video of our Lure Class (OtoriFido™) here.




How Does The Martial ARFS Improve Behavior?

By incorporating physical and mental challenges your dog will be both more calm and better behaved because he will have an outlet for his extra energy but also learn how to behave in the process. In addition, we offer specific classes in focus & self control, as well as basic and advanced obedience.


Do You Use Positive Reinforcement?

Yes. We’ve combined reward based behavior modification techniques with a variety of physical activities to create one of the most effective training programs available.


My Dog Is Already Well Behaved. Do They Really Need This?

That’s awesome your dog is already well behaved! Then this is the perfect activity for you both because we’re not just about improving your dog’s behavior. Dogs thrive when they are mentally and physically challenged. Sitting on the floor is easy. Sitting on an unstable surface is not. The Martial ARFS has tons of mental, physical, and behavioral challenges that will be fun, exciting and a great bonding experience for you and your dog.


I have a 13 year old dog. Isn’t he too old for this kinda thing?

That couldn’t be further from the truth. We have classes for senior dogs that help keep them moving in order to aid with weight loss and ease the pain associated with arthritis, or prevent weight gain and other conditions related to a sedentary lifestyle.


Martial ARFS? I Don’t Understand Anything About The Martial Arts.

That’s fine. You don’t have to. We’ve mainly use concepts of the Martial Arts 3 ways.


One: As a guiding principle of what good behavior is. For example, self defense techniques must be effective when you need them most (i.e. under attack). Therefore, obedience training must be effective when you need it most (i.e. when your dog goes running after a ball, squirrel, etc that is in the street)


Two: As a way to categorize different classes and what that class’ focus will be.


Three: As a way to mark progression. Your dog can become a "Black Belt" in good behavior!!




Why Types Of Fitness Do You Do?

Martial ARFS™ exercises are derived from canine rehabilitation and activities from competitive canine sports like Frisbee, flyball, and agility. These exercises and activities are not just fun, they provide benefit of injury prevention, improved performance, and general health and fitness for your dog.


Are You A Canine Rehabilitation Facility?

No. The Martial ARF™S Dog Training & Fitness Center is not a Veterinary Clinic or Canine Rehabilitation Facility. We do not and are not licensed to diagnose or treat dogs with injuries or trauma and there is no veterinarian or veterinary technicians on staff at the facility.


So What Qualifies You To Do Canine Rehabilitation Type Exercises.

Our Canine Rehabilitation & Emergency Veterinarian advisor (Eve Pugh DVM, CVA) develops our exercise protocols and teaches proper exercise technique, program implementation, and canine First Aid/CPR directly to our staff.


I walk my dog everyday. Isn’t that enough exercise?

Walking your dog daily is definitely a good thing. However a recent study suggests that a dog walking at a pace of 3.7 -4 miles an hour (~15 minute miles) will burn .8 calories per pound per mile This means a 20 pound dog will only burn about 64 calories on a 4 mile walk. Furthermore, it is unlikely that most owners can maintain a 15-minute mile pace even if they managed to walk their dog 4 miles a day. We've had a dog that runs 6 miles a day be exhausted after only 15 minutes of class!! In addition exercising your dog at The Martial ARFS provides a variety of fun, mentally and physically challenging exercises that you could never get on a walk.




How Does The Pool Work?

We do 15 or 30 minute sessions. One of our staff are in the pool with your dog at all times and you must stay wity your dog while they swim. Your dog can swim around however, they wish. If they like a ball or a toy we can toss one. As well, we can do advanced balance, coordination, and conditioning drills to create a more intense workout.


15 Minutes Doesn't Seem Like A Lot.

It is estimated that 1 minute of swimming is equal to 4 minutes of running. Therefore, 15 minutes in our pool is like taking yoru dog for an hour long run! Don't think its enough for your dog? You can book two 15 minute sessions back to back or try our advanced conditioning swim sessions, with resistances bands, floaties or a weighted vest!


My Vet Said I should Swim My Dog Is This Pool Good For That?



My Dog Has Had Knee Surgery. Will Swimming Help With His Recovery?

So long as he has been cleared by your veterinarian, it is great for not just post knee surgery exercise, but disc issues, hip dysplasia, arthritis weight loss and many other ailments.


Anything Else I Should Know About The Pool?

18x20 Feet. It's heated to a minimum of 86 degrees. It has a salt water sanitation system which is great for your dog's skin and coat!



But I Walk My Dog Already

Great! But with all the sniffing, peeing, pooping and the pace of a late night or early morning leisurely stroll, your dog isn't getting much exercise.


So What Makes Using The Treadmill So Good?

Working your dog on a treadmill provides you and your dog a large array of exercises that you can't do any other way. It's a great platform for both exercise & obedience You can isolate forelimbs or hindlimbs, as well as different muscle groups such as adductors and abductors. You can add coordination and stability exercise as well. Treadmill training for your dog is much more effective and engaging then your normal daily walks. You can watch a video of our TreadSpin Class here.


Can't I Just Use The Treadmill I Have At Home?

Yes and No. Our treadmills are designed for dogs so they are longer. A larger dog on a human treadmill will not have enough room to run or trot properly. So depending on the size of your dog it wouldn't be a good idea. As well, we're trained to teach proper exercise technique for a dog on treadmill, such as understanding gait, rehabilitative and conditioning techniques, safety and injury prevention. Lastly, we have a significant amount of additional conditioning equipment we can us with the treadmill to make it more challenging.



Do You have Daycare?

No. We are a facility that provides services for owners who are looking to be more active with their dogs.


Do you have drop off training?

No. Training works best when owners are there working with their own dogs.


Can I bring both my dogs at the same time?

Yes and No. Only one dog per owner so you'll have to bring someone else with you to work with the other dog.


Can I bring someone else with me to class?

Yes. So long as they’re not a distraction to you or other’s dogs.


Do You Take Pitbulls?

We take any breed of dog, but not any dog. All dogs must have a physical and behavioral assessment prior to being accepted at The Martial ARFS. You can call us 1-516-280-8331, email us, or fill out our online assessment form and we’ll get back to you shortly.