dog doing pushups
The Martial ARFS™ Activity For Injury Prevention (KaRuffTe™/Advanced KaRuffTe™)

A poorly conditioned canine athlete is more susceptible to muscle strains due to unbalanced strength and ligament tears due to instability and weakness in the limbs. The repeated jumping in canine sports applies tremendous concussive force to a dog’s joints. For sports or any intense physical activity, strengthening the joint & spine stabilizers are paramount. This will allow for these muscles to absorb the shock of running and, jumping instead of the joints or spine itself.


As well, injuries also result from situations that the muscle is activated during a stretch, such as slipping into a splay-legged position. The moment that leg begins to slip your dog (as would you) tries to stop it. But as the leg is going one way, the muscles are pulling the other way. Once the leg has extended beyond the ability of the weakest "link" maintaining the connection, it tears. Most often, it happens at the muscle tendon junction. Therefore, muscles must not just be strengthened, but Fully Extended and Strengthened using slow controlled exercises. Similar to the one pictured above.


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