dog doing pushups
The Martial ARFS™ Activity For Improved Performance (KaRuffTe™/Advanced KaRuffTe™)

Practicing the techniques of agility is just one element to improving performance. Physical competition on any level requires proper conditioning to help improve performance. Though any exercise will help improve strength or conditioning, targeting the specific muscles dedicated to the movements involved with a given sport, will achieve the greatest results. Therefore, we use exercises designed to mimic as closely as possible the actions of your sport, however, under the controlled execution of the training routine. In addition, conditioning exercises should actively stress the muscles, in the manner in which they are intended to be used, with specific controlled exercises, and a continued progression of difficulty.

To achieve this goal at The Martial ARFS we've developed a conditioning program based upon 4 fundamentals, Power, Athleticism, Speed, and Endurance (P.A.S.E.). those 4 fundamentals are woven into 5 distinct exercise categories: Extend & Connect, Strengthen & Stabilize, Full Body Power, Balance & Coordination, & The Vital Link. Conditioning programs at The Martial ARFS are unlike anything else available and your canine athlete will be faster, stronger, more agile, and explosive, along with supreme body awareness. In other words, your dog will perform like never before. 


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