The Martial ARFS™ For Advanced Conditioning, Behavior, Tricks & Fun (Advanced KaRuffTe™)

We all know physical activity is important for our dogs, and there are a lot of ways to provide that. However, activities like 30 minute walks, hanging out in the back yard, or running crazy at the dog park, don't improve your dog's behavior! Our Advanced KaRuffTe class combines the aspects of Obedience, Trick Training & Fitness into a one of kind class to improve your dog's health and behavior while having some fun with them at the same time!!


Each class you and your dog will practice 5-10 commands, tricks like "give paw" "sit pretty or beg" "bow" and others. In addition, your dog will work on a variety of stability equipment while practicitng front & rear limb targeting, or a treadmill for treadmill conditioning & coordination exercises. And unlike other dog training classes, there are enough exercise combinations and variations to keep you and your dog challenged for a lifetime.


You and your dog will have fun, practice obedience, learn tricks and be completely wiped out after class! If your dog is ready to move beyond our basic obedience or fitness classes this is definitely the class for you!


Click here or call us at 1.516.280.8331 to get your dog into our Advanced KaRuffTe class today!!