The Martial ARFS™ For Trick Training (NinShihTzu™)

NinShihTzu™ class teaches your Martial Arfer "the art of stealth and deception" along with intimidation tactics, manipulation techniques and various other "tricks" in order to infiltrate an enemy residence, outwit one’s opponent in combat tactics, or just bond and have fun.


Martial Arfers practice stealth tactics like crawling, rolling, stalking, and hiding, deceptive tactics like faking death, injury, or fear, manipulation techniques like polite introductions, begging, staring, or just being plain old irresistibly cute, intimidation tactics like showing teeth, growling, or barking, and various other tactical "tricks" like shrouding an enemy in darkness, disrupting communication devices, and audio visual diversion.


Once your dog has learned NinShihTzu™ techniques, you'll never know who's master of whom.


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