The Martial ARFS™ For Treadmill Fitness & Obedience

No other dog training facility offers anything like our K9 TreadSpin™ class. Imagine the excitement and challenge of a human Spin class, but for your dog! Pace, time, distance and incline are only the beginning. Each class incorporates a variety of challenging physical exercises, basic & advanced obedience.


The fitness exercises of the our one of kind class incorporate interval training, and coordination drills. The coordination drills are a combination of typical movements like, turning and crawling but also coordination drills like walking backward and jumping on and off the treadmill while it’s running. The obedience and behavior exercises of TreadSpin are designed to challenge a dog’s ability to focus and follow commands while under the constant pressure of maintaining their current speed on the treadmill.


Our K9 TreadSpin class is the most fun and unique class available for your dog. But don't take our word for how great this class is, watch the video above!


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