The Martial ARFS™ For Good Behavior In Any Situation (AikiFido™)

The process of advanced obedience training at The Martial ARFS is to create conditioned behavioral responses to situations or words in order to enable your dog to effectively exhibit good behavior regardless of location, distance, or distraction.


First, we incorporate canine rehabilitative and competitive sports based physical activities to both improve your dog's behavior and calm him down. Second. We use real life sequences to teach commands and situational behaviors. So your dog will not just "know" a command or behavior, they will perform that command or behavior while walking, standing still, or if you say so and sit no matter what is going on around them or how far they are away.


When you finish our AikiFido program, your dog will exhibit any behavior you desire, in any situation you want, whether there is a command for it or not. He will have a black belt in good behavior, and what could be better than that.   


Click here or call us at 1.516.280.8331 to schedule a private introductory class for your dog so they can become a "Black Belt" in good behavior!