The Martial ARFS™ Healthy Pet Awareness Week Oct 8th-14th

Even though we know that 56% of dogs are overweight, 93% of dog owners think their dog is a healthy weight. And even though 93% of dog owners think their dog is a healthy weight, 43% of dog owners actually admit that they don’t know what a normal weight dog looks like. We can’t help are dog lose weight if we don’t know they need to lose it.


During Pet Obesity Prevention Week The Martial ARFS will be hosting Healthy Pet Awareness Week. When you bring your dog to our Carle Place facility for any class or private session your dog will get a free weight and feeding aassessment. Using our Body Condition Score charts our trainers along with our veterinary advisors will give your dog a BCS which will be used to explain why and how much your dog is overweight. After your dog is given their BCS, we will then tell you how much your dog should way and how much your dog should eat based upon their ideal weight, not how much they weigh right now.


In addition reccomending how much food your dog should eat, we'll also recommend different foods and brands for your dog as well as you'll be given access to our Healthy Pet Awareness Course for free. Even with well informed about your dog's weight and what is should check out our latest fitness blog 10 Reasons Your Dog Doesn’t Lose Weight.


For more information about our Healthy Pet Awareness Week download our app (turn on notifications) call us @ 1.516.280.8331, or email us for more information.