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The Martial ARFS™ Weight loss For Your Overweight & Obese Dogs (TaiPoochi™)

An overweight or obese dog is at risk for developing a multitude of medical conditions including heart disease, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure and cancer, and a decrease in life expectancy of up to two years! In addition, because your dog’s spine is horizontal to the ground, excess weight can wreak havoc on their backs. It’s like having an elephant on a rope bridge. Intervertebral disc disease, bulging discs and ruptured discs can become common ailments of overweight or obese dogs.


Increasing your dog's activity is essential for them to lose weight, however, care must be taken with overweight or obese dogs in an effort not to cause joint damage. The physical activities and conditioning exercises in a Martial ARFS dog training class are high intensity but low impact. This means your dog will get the benefits of strenuous activity without the excessive strain placed on the joints that comes with running & romping. As well, our exercises strengthen the muscles that support the spine so that the muscles will absorb the burden of life’s activities and not the spine itself.


Beyond the exercises and activities of a Martial ARFS class, we offer a heated indoor exercise pool for additional high intensity resistance exercise with little to no stress to joints. We also offer land treadmills for your dogs. Now your dog can walk without bathroom breaks, constant sniffing, or YOU being unable to keep up the pace necessary for your dog to lose weight! At the Martial ARFS, weight loss programs for dogs are unlike anything else available.

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