The Martial ARFS™ For Canine First Aid & CPR (Sunday November 18th 3:30pm-5:30pm)

Emergency veterinarian Eve Pugh DVM, CVA, CCRP will offer her 18 years of experience, knowledge and expertise for a one of a kind hands on Canine First Aid and CPR Workshop.


She will be on hand to teach life-saving first-aid techniques, similar to ones she uses in everyday emergency situations. So unlike most Pet First Aid seminars presenters, Dr. Pugh is the person pet owners would actually end up paying thousands of dollars to save the lives of their pets.


You will be working on your own dog, and a replica in order to learn how to restrain, calm and administer first aid or CPR which can be the difference between them living or dying.


Enroll now and get our online course for free!! Be better prepared for our hands on seminar by going through the online course first! Free for a limited time when you enroll in our hands on seminar!! (Save $99)

Topics include:
Preparing a First Aid Kit, Performing Canine CPR
and Many Other Common Summer Emergencies & Accidents
Preparing a First Aid Kit, Performing Canine CPR
Wound Treatment, Proper Bandaging & Splinting.


The cost of this truly unique workshop is just $99.To register CLICK HERE Events Workshops & Seminars Tab, or call us @ 1.516.280.8331, or email us for more information. Come be a part of this one of a kind Canine First Aid & CPR Workshop!


***Price is per dog. All dogs must be well socialized and well behaved around other dogs. If your dog is a disruption to the clinic you may be asked to leave without refund***