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Recently, Whitney C. Harris from stopped by with her dog Finley to take class and do an article on us, Below is some of what she had to say. You can read the full article here.

So, like any modern-day pet parent, I took to the Internet to find a solution for my puppy problem. When I discovered The Martial Arfs dog training and fitness center, I nearly tripped running to the phone. The program requires no prior training and offers classes for dogs of all ages, abilities, and temperaments.

The combination of physical challenge and mental stimulation sounded like the perfect outlet for Finley’s excess energy. (And while most Martial Arfs students are highly active dogs, many owners bring their pets specifically to slim down, which is not surprising given that 53 percent of canines are overweight.)

Martial-Arfs-Jeris-Pugh-tests-dog-balanceThe 4,200-square-foot facility on Long Island opened its doors in October of 2013, and it offers 12 classes, each with its own unique focus on aspects of canine wellness, and an introductory private session. CaPawEra, for instance, combines disc dog training and injury prevention to improve strength, stabilization, flexibility, body awareness, coordination, and rhythm. Meanwhile, TaiPoochi is a low-impact option for senior, arthritic, obese, or physically limited dogs. Finley and I attended a KaRuffTe beginner class, which covers basic physical conditioning for health and behavior modification.

Read the entire article here.

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