The Martial ARFS™ Dog Training Facility Helps Keep Dogs Safe This 4th Of July

Long Island, NY. July 1st, 2014 – The Martial ARFS™ Dog Training Facility “Canine Safe Haven Party” during the height of the July 4th Celebration aims to help prevent some of the pet tragedies associated with July 4th fireworks.

The 4th of July can be an extremely stressful day for our canine companions, who do not appreciate the often constant and often surprisingly loud noise of fireworks. The Martial ARFS™ dog training and fitness center is offering this day of fun for dogs and humans alike! Come enjoy a day of agility and fitness courses, activities, games, and music to drown out the barrage of noises outside. “Having sound sensitive dogs myself, I now exactly how overwhelming this time of year can be for many dog owners,” said owner Jeris Pugh.fourth-of-july-dog-
According to, more dogs run away during the 4th of July than during any other time of the year. “Unfortunately, this often leads to dogs that are lost forever or frantic trips to the emergency room,” says 14 year emergency veterinarian Dr. Eve Pugh.She continues, “Even if they don’t run off, the emotional distress of the situation is often so overwhelming it sends our canine companion cowering into their crates, our laps, the bathtub or even worse, jumping through closed windows or glass patio doors.”

You do not need to be enrolled at The Martial ARFS to attend, but dogs must be well socialized and up to date with vaccinations, as there will be plenty of off leash activities at the center. The event is FREE, but please bring treats, food, or refreshments for both dogs and people. Mr. Pugh finished with, “As a pet oriented business, I feel that it’s important to provide free events for the community in order to keep people’s pets safe, happy, and healthy.”

For more information about The Martial ARFS™ Canine “Safe Haven Party” call us @ 1-516-280-8331, visit, or email us at

About The Martial ARFS
Created by Jeris Pugh, The Martial ARFS™ Dog Training & Fitness Center provides dog owners with much more than conventional dog training classes. It is a fun and educational community resource providing dog owners with classes to improve the health and behavior of their canine companions, a heated indoor swimming pool, seminars in Pet First Aid, Health & Wellness as well as fun events activities like holiday and birthday parties, demonstrations and competitive canine events!

Jeris Pugh
Phone: 1-516-280-8331

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