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Hi everyone. We are extremely excited to present an array of online courses for your canine athlete, working dog, or pet. Over the next few months we will be building our course library with self guided, instructor based, and/or custom programs to improve your competitive dog’s performance, your pet dog’s behavior, your senior dog’s vitality, or help get your previously injured dog back to top form.

Currently we have three classes beginning in January, and two more slated for February and March. We are offering discounts on early enrollment for the classes that are starting in January as well as pre-registration for notification about early enrollment saving for future classes.  Here is what’s available now:

First Aid For Emergencies & Injuries To Your The Canine Athlete

The Canine Athlete experience isn’t like your every day pet. Combining these high drive athletes and the rigors of canine sport can yield a disastrous injury or ailment that could happen at any turn. Your ability to recognize and take action during any sports related injury or emergency might be the difference between your dog’s future success in their sport, or potentially saving their life.Sabre_First_Athlete copy

Eve Pugh DVM, CVA, CCRP will offer her 17 years of experience in the busiest ERs of the NYC metropolitan area, in addition to her experience of as a certified canine rehabilitation practitioner. You will gain insight to her knowledge and expertise during this one of a kind First Aid and CPR course specifically for owners of Canine Athletes. For More Information or To Enroll Click Here

Conditioning For The Canine Athlete: Strength

Unlike a canine conditioning program for an active companion, healthy pet or show dog, a conditioning program for a canine athlete is about maximizing physical performance. However, not all strength equates to maximizing performance for your canine athlete.

Over the past few years at The Martial ARFS we developed activities and exercises to build functional strength. Functional Strength is the ability to maximally contract any muscle, throughout its full range of motion, at multiple angles of limb placement, amid RueLittleDiscsExercises_2wide ranges of eccentric torque, without fear of injury.

In order to achieve functional strength your canine conditioning exercises must focus of 4 key areas: Strength, Stability, Flexibility, and Connection. During this course you will learn conditioning exercises to strengthen the forelimbs, hindlimbs and core using those 4 key components combined with variations in body angle, limb placement, and stability platform. For More Information or To Pre Register Click Here

One Piece Workouts: The Peanut

One of the most versatile pieces of canine conditioning equipment is the peanut. No other piece of equipment shines brighter for its effectiveness in all areas. Its lengthOnline_Training_Phtoos CTA-9 creates the ideal platform for a dog to stand. Its lateral movement targets the area of a dog where it is physically weakest. Its roll creates an ideal platform for dynamic stabilization challenges. Its height is enough for jump drills, hindlimb or forelimb isolation exercises and there’s enough room to practice almost any obedience commands. If you’re looking to keep your dog’s conditioning simple and fun this is the course for you. For More Information or To Enroll Click Here

Aquatic Conditioning

We first introduced the concept of Aquatic Conditioning in our widely popular blog post 8 Reasons To Exercise Your Dog In A Pool Most people have heard of aquatic (or aqua) therapy. Something primarily used for low impact, low intensity water based exercise often for sick, senior or injured dog’s and people. The primary focus of Aquatic Conditioning is optimum health and improved athletic performance.Rue_Swim_Weave_2

Resistance, Assistance (buoyancy), and Instability make aquatic conditioning so unique and effective and no other conditioning platform can provide all three. Developed under the guidance of Eve Pugh DVM, CVA, CCRP and taught by Martial ARFS owner Jeris Pugh, this course will teach you  how to use your pool, a lake, or the ocean to improve your dog’s health or performance, like you never thought possible. For More Information or To Pre Register Click Here

Behavior, Balance, Fitness & Focus

Obedience training alone is not enough to have a healthy and happy pet. By incorporating physical activity, we are able to add fun and exciting mental challenges to traditional dog training. This course is part of one of our foundation classes taught in The Martial ARFS Facilities. The focus is to provide both a sound obedience class Online_Training_Phtoos-2combined with some of the necessary physical activity that dogs need.

The obedience commands of this course are based on a basic foundation of what a well behaved dog should be. As well, the balance equipment provides a level of fitness not seen in your typical obedience program and the benefits are numerous. Balance, body awareness, coordination, focus, strength training all help improve your dog’s quality of life. For More Information or To Enroll Click Here

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