“Fightin’ Fido’s Fat”

Martial “ARFS” Dog Gym Helps Owners “Fight Fido’s Fat” For The New Year

Long Island NY. January 5, 2015 –The Martial “ARFS”, Long Island’s only “Dog Gym”, is helping dogs (and owners) lose weight, improve health, and burn off excess energy this New Year (and all year long!).

Gyms, Martial Arts Classes, Zumba Studios, and others provide a place for people to “fight the fat”. What about our pets? According to the latest (2013) Pet Obesity Prevention Survey more than 54% of our furry family members are overweight. The Martial ARFS™FatDog veterinary adviser Dr. Eve Pugh states, “As a veterinarian, I see a multitude of pet ailments related to obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. Conditions like heart disease, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, and cancer can all be attributed to having an overweight pet.  Even worse, on average, an overweight pet can have a decreased life expectancy up to 2.5 years.  Dr. Eve Pugh continues, “Simply taking longer walks is often ineffective and sometimes weather prohibitive, especially in the cold winter months.”

Created by Jeris Pugh, a former martial arts instructor and personal trainer, and developed under the guidance of emergency and rehabilitative veterinarian, Dr. Eve Pugh, The Martial ARFS™ Dog Training and Fitness Center provides dog owners with a facility full of exciting physical activities and FITBonePhotos1 (1)classes to improve the health of overweight dogs, or as an outlet for energetic and hyperactive furry family members. “As a person who was involved in human fitness prior to becoming a dog trainer, I saw the need for a facility that helped to solve the problems dogs and owners faced today. Hyperactivity leads to behavior problems and inactivity or obesity leads to health problems. Martial Arts are a great way to help people lose weight, or provide an outlet for hyperactive children. I thought something similar would be great for dogs as well”, said Martial ARFS owner Jeris Pugh.

The Martial ARFS’ state of the art 4200 sq ft facility features a complete dog agility set up, a 10x 18 ft heated saltwater pool with underwater cameras, 7 DogTread treadmills, a vast array of canine stability, core SabreTreadmillstrengthening, and resistance equipment, and a number classes, or styles, including KaRuffTe™, an obedience and exercise class, TaiPoochI™, for older, arthritic or overweight dogs, PoochItSu™ for dogs under 25lbs, PupKiDo™, a puppy class, our exclusive K9 TreadSpin™ class, a spin inspired treadmill fitness class, and Mixed Martial ARFS™ a class to workout with your dog, and more 10 other types of classes for you to choose from!

With 16 different Martial ARFS™ styles (classes) in all, there is something for all dogs no matter Obedient or “Bad”, Puppy or Senior, Great Dane or Chihuahua, Agility Dog or Sofa Surfer, and no prior obedience training is necessary. For more information about The Martial ARFS™ call us @ 1-516-280-8331, visit http://www.martialarfs.com, or email us at info@martialarfs.com

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