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The Martial ARFS™

Located in Carle Place NY (Long Island), The Martial ARFS™ is based on the fact that all dogs need obedience training AND physical activity to be happy and healthy. So we combine Physical Activity with reward-based Dog Obedience Training and Canine Conditioning with Dog Agility & Disc Dog Classes.


As well we offer socialization and basic manners classes for Puppies & a class for Senior, Arthritic, Hip Dysplastic, Obese or Blind Dogs. Our 4200sqft faciity is equipped with an Exercise Pool, Dog & Human Treadmills, and a vast variety of canine conditioning equipmnet.


Our goal is help you improve your dog's health and behavior through obedience classes & physical activities you can do with them to simply have fun. With 12 different Martial ARFS™ styles (dog training classes), there is something for all dogs no matter Obedient or "Bad", Puppy or Senior, Great Dane or Chihuahua, Agility Dog or Sofa Surfer, and no prior obedience training is necessary.


For more information about what the Martial ARFS™ can do for you and your dog call us @ 1-516-280-8331, email us at or take a look around our newly updated website.

german shepard runing in water
Teaching your dog or puppy to sit is not enough. Providing your dog an outlet for their energy while teaching them to sit is the foundation of The Martial ARFS™ More Info
dog catching frisbee
Learning Dog Agility or Disc Dog at The Martial ARFS™ is more than just obstacles and high flying catches. More Info
The Martial ARFS offers conditioning and classes for any dog from agility dog to sofa surfer, senior, blind or arthritic dogs. Oh, and you too!! More Info