The Martial ARFS™

The Martial ARFS™ provides a place for you to go with your furry family member or canine athlete to improve their health, behavior, performance, or just simply have fun. We base everything we do on the fact that all dogs need physical activity to be happy and healthy. Our fun, physically and mentally challenging classes combine obedience training with activities derived from canine rehabilitation and canine sports like agility and disc dog.


With 12 different Martial ARFS™ styles (classes), there is something for all dogs no matter Puppy or Senior, Great Dane or Chihuahua, Canine Athlete or Sofa Surfer, and no prior obedience training is necessary. For more information about what the Martial ARFS™ can do for you and your dog call us @ 1-516-280-8331, email us at or take a look around our new website.

Improving behavior at The Martial ARFS™ is based on the fact that all dogs need exercise to be happy and healthy. More Info
Learning Agility or Disc Dog at The Martial ARFS™ is more than just obstacles and high flying catches. More Info
Our Low Impact, High Intesity, Lure Reward Training, is a great way to get your older, heavier, arthritic, hip dysplasia, or Blind Dog moving. More Info